Ready Player Me

  • Snake Collection
  • Exoskins Collection

DRESSX partnered with a cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me, to bring the DRESSX in-house Snake Collection to over 2,500 virtual worlds through Ready Player Me. The buyers of the DRESSX digital collectible drop for Ready Player Me received a 3D asset, an avatar skin to wear through Ready Player Me, and the ability to try on the same digital look on their own photo using the DRESSX proprietary digital dressing technology. Just as snakes change their skins in real life, the collectors were able to bring the DRESSX in-house Snake Collection to apps and games from 20,000+ developers using Ready Player Me.

“Our collaboration with DRESSX is a great example of what interoperability can look like. Customers who purchased the Snake Collection outfits can have their avatar wear them in any of the apps and games compatible with Ready Player Me. This kind of utility for virtual assets is still rare, and Ready Player Me is one of the only platforms to offer it. We are glad to have DRESSX among some of our first content partners.”

Stan Georgiev, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Ready Player Me

Designed by Blade Runway, ​​”Exoskins” collection represented the state of the art in Digital Fashion. Powered by DRESSX and Ready Player Me, this collection tapped into the future of self-expression and identity representation with two outfits that feature interoperability with more than 2500 virtual realities through Ready Player Me. The owners of the digital collectibles on received the 3D artwork, as well as metalook, AR, and Ready Player Me skin utilities enabled by DRESSX. The collection was dropped in Miami during Art Basel.