SNAP Bitmoji Wearables

DRESSX has become an esteemed partner of SNAP, and we are currently engaged in the development of wearables specifically designed for Bitmojis. It is noteworthy that Snap has secured its position among the top 5 globally acclaimed mobile messenger apps in 2023, boasting a substantial number of monthly active users. Notably, Snapchat's user base predominantly comprises the younger demographic, with 20.3% being under 18 and 38.9% falling within the 18 to 24 age bracket. This underscores the platform's significant influence on the Gen Z audience, with approximately 60% of this demographic actively utilizing Snap.
In light of these compelling statistics, launching a capsule collection for Bitmojis presents a strategic opportunity to effectively target the Gen Z market segment but also bring the brand an additional source of revenue.