DRESSX has joined forces with Lacoste, the renowned fashion-sport brand, to pioneer a groundbreaking venture in the metaverse, ushering in a novel approach to virtual fashion. In this collaborative effort, DRESSX and Lacoste present 10 exclusive designs paying homage to the brand's iconic bestsellers. Five of these designs are available for purchase on Roblox, a global platform that unites millions of individuals through shared experiences. The remaining five designs are showcased on Zepeto, the rapidly expanding avatar platform that boasts a diverse community comprising the world's most popular intellectual properties, brands, celebrities, and millions of creators. Lacoste, celebrated for its timeless elegance and distinctive designs, is breaking new ground by venturing into the metaverse, seeking to bridge the gap between traditional fashion and the immersive digital realm. This innovative partnership represents a significant milestone for Lacoste, marking its debut in the metaverse and embracing a new era of fashion and digital expression. This strategic move by Lacoste into the metaverse, in collaboration with DRESSX, is a continuation of the brand's ambitious foray into the ever-evolving digital landscape. The collaboration serves as a testament to Lacoste's unwavering commitment to innovation, pushing boundaries, and reimagining its heritage within virtual realms.