DRESSX AR: Mobile app, Camera, and Web AR

Introducing the ultimate solution in digital fashion innovation: the DRESSX AR ecosystem. At its core lies the DRESSX AR mobile app, your Metacloset(™) boasting a comprehensive collection of digital-only garments and AR looks.

Since its inception in August 2021, this groundbreaking app has revolutionized our engagement with 3D fashion, simplifying the exploration, trial, and adoption of digital outfits. By seamlessly integrating AR technology, users can immerse themselves in dynamic fashion experiences, applying digital looks onto real-time videos and photos.

Research indicates that consumers spend 2.7 times more time on apps offering AR experiences compared to regular apps, highlighting the captivating allure of DRESSX's AR fashion platform.

With the rise of virtual meetings, the DRESSX AR camera for video calls emerges as the quintessential tool for maintaining a fashionable presence in online professional and social settings. Whether upgrading one's appearance during video chats or enhancing live streams, the DRESSX AR camera ensures a stylish digital presence. Fun fact: the DRESSX team exclusively conducts online meetings, not only for global partnership convenience but also to showcase their signature AR hats.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Once your AR experience is built, seamlessly integrate it onto your webpage to provide customers with an immersive experience directly from your website and product pages. Allow them to explore, try on different products, and generate content effortlessly. As users delight in the interactive experience, a call-to-action prompts them to purchase the showcased products or subscribe for the latest updates, with direct links for seamless transactions.